Foo wan hong. Geronimo Stilton The Volcano of Fire

This is the fifth adventure in the kingdom of fantasy. The book is about Geronimo was amazed to find himself in the kingdom of fantasy for a fifth time. The elves had called him there. The volcano of fire had been mysteriously reawakened! On top of that, the princess of the fairies had been kidnapped. He knew he had to help and his friends were ready to join him. They set off through new realms to rescue the princess and save the kingdom from destruction. What an adventure. So if you want to find out what happened in the end, buy or borrow it from the library.


Code of silence: living a lie comes with a prince-davincrazy123

The book that I am going to share is Code of silence: living a lie comes with a prince. The book is a mystery book. It tells us that the three character Cooper , Hiro and Gordy witness a robbery that leaves a man in a coma, they found themselves tangled in a web of mystery and deceit that threatens their lives. This book is written by a speaker and author of eight book, Tim Shoemarker. My favourite sentence is ‘’Whoever of you loves life and desires to see many good days, keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies’’. The start off with a boy named Cooper at the arcade with Gordy. Cooper and Gordy we to HIro houses to play. Will they find the real robber and closed the case? Or will it be mystery? That cannot be solved. Read the book to find out more

Geronimo Stilton-Zulfadhli

Geronimo Stilton is a talking mouse who lives in New Mouse City on Mouse Island. A best-selling author, Geronimo Stilton works as a journalist and editor for the fictional newspaper The Rodent’s Gazette.He has a younger sister named Thea Stilton, a cousin named Trap Stilton, and a favorite little nephew, nine-year-old Benjamin Stilton. Geronimo is a nervous, mild-mannered mouse who would like nothing better than to live a quiet life, but he keeps getting involved in far-away adventures with Thea, Trap, and Benjamin, and sometimes Aunt Sweetfur. The books are written as though they are autobiographical adventure stories.

Fantastic Mr Fox – Vivian

Mr Fox steal chickens or geese from the farmers to support his family but the three dimwitted farmers Boggis , bunce and bean always make it impossible for Mr Fox but the farmers plans always fail. In order to kill the fox, the farmer came up with a plan to dig the underground but the clever Mr fox will not surrender easily.

Sir Alex Fergerson BIO(Football Bloody Hell)

This book is about Sir Alex Fergerson,he is football’s most successful manager in football history.He has won 13 Premier League  trophies in  21 Premier league seasons and won 2 UEFA Champion League trophies. He has trained many young footballers,players like beckham,ronaldo,cantona and many more. He has since stepped down as Manchester United manager and now, former Everton manger(David Moyes) took over sir Alex Fergerson in the manager position as the chosen one 



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chicken soup for the teenage soul by nelson

this is a book I really love to read.this book is written by different aurthor and many people for around the world.they are willing to shared their story the story to us.this book has also teach us about people teenage life and to teach us what is wrong and what thing not to do.this is one of the best book I have ever read.

Thea Stilton And the Ghost of The Shipwreck- Sofia

I am going to share a book called ‘Thea Stilton and the Ghost of the Shipwreck’. It is written by Geronimo Stilton. In this story, there are five friends named, Pamela, Nicky, Collete, Paulina and Violet… There’s a haunted shipwreck of Whale Island, and a rare diamond was lost when the ship sank. When the Thea Sisters’ biology professor disappears, the mice have to dive deep into the ocean to find him and hopefully recover the priceless jewel! And just when they think their adventures are over, the five mice are invited to China to search for another lost treasure…

So, it is up to the Thea Sisters’ to help find for the lost treasure. I think it was aadventurous book to read. I think you should also read this book as it is good.

The Poison Diaries : Nightshade – Dania Syuhada

The book that I’m sharing today is called ‘The Poison Diaries : Nightshade’. It is written by Wood Northumberland and it is the second book of the Poison Diaries Trilogy. This book is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Jessamine Luxton who is currently heartbroken. The love of her life, Weed, who came into her life so suddenly, has disappeared. Jessamine suspects her father, Thomas Luxton, may have been involved in the disappearance of Weed. Thomas was obsessed with poisons and discovering Weed’s secret understanding of dangerous plants. This suspicions and her growing expertise with poisons have changed her. She is no longer innocent. When Jessamine learns that Weed is alive and in danger, she will do whatever is takes to be reunited with him, including killing whoever gets in her way. It is a story where Jessamine and Weed have their own point of view.

Praise for The Poison Diaries : A passionate story … Wood does a marvellous job of creating heart – wrenching decisions for her characters and portraying a doomed romance reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet.

Dairy of a wimpy kid The Third Wheel – Yi hern

I’m going to share this book by Jeff Kinney because I think its funny.
Greg was just an ordinary kid who has an older brother called, Rodrick and a younger brother Manny who likes to destroy almost everything he has. When Greg was small he always gotten things passed down from his brother so everything he has gotten is mostly covered in saliva or chewed up.

A few years have passed since and Greg is in a new grade in his school and there is this Valentine’s Day Dance at his school, but ion his grade there were lesser girls then boys so he scrambles to find a date and not wanting to get left out on the “Big Night” in his school his best friend Rowley doesn’t have any prospects either so Greg made Rowley sign up for student council in their school because the student council always make important suggestions.

So before the “Big Night” came there was still quite a lot of days before it. so Greg gave Rowley a wireless ear communicator and he speaks through it and makes Rowley suggest a lot of ridiculous votes on half days and double recess.

Since then Greg has being going around trying to impress other girls but whenever he tries to impress girls for the Valentine’s dance mishappening around him. He went to his father Uncle Gary for some tips but nevertheless he still fail to impress a girl. One day he thought of one of Uncle Gary’s tips – wear something cool or nice to school so he went to his father wardrobe and picked out a leather skull jacket but when he asked his father for permission his father said he doesn’t need it anymore with a smile while his mother objected it but when she is not looking Greg secretly slipped out of the house too school. But in his second period Greg saw his mum pounding on the door outside his class and asked him too return the jacket because it is cold out side and then she gave Greg her winter clothing. News soon spread like wild fire that Greg whose mum made him wear her winter coat. Now Greg thinks that he has no chance of getting a date too the “Big Night” which was coming in the next few days.

But suddenly a girl from Rowley student council just broke up with some one and Greg saw the opportunity and asked Rowley to ask her weather Greg, me and you would like to go to the dance as friends and she said yes. But on the day off the dance Rowley has some symptoms of chicken pox so Greg quickly used Rowley’s mom make up to cover up and gave him a scarf and a hat to cover up the spots. Greg thinks that this is his chance too impress the girl called Abigail but a mishappening happened at the dance when Greg and Abigial was dancing, Abigial had a zit at her chin and Greg thought that she had contracted chicken pox and he started screaming only later too find out it was a zit. Rowley and Greg then bought Abigial home but on the ride home by Rowley’s dad Abigial wasn’t that chatty too Greg as before.
I would recommend to buy or borrow this book because it is funny.